Within These Walls

The following is an LGBT friendly code of conduct, which sets a tone of safety and responsibility within the LGBT Community Center. 
Code of Conduct for the LGBT Community Center
Within these walls, we expect to be treated with consideration and kindness.  We expect our persons, our property, and our opinions to be respected.  We expect to be free from violence and the threat of violence.  We expect our disagreements to be resolved with sensitivity and good will. 
In return, we are expected to be considerate and kind.  To respect the persons, property, and opinions of others.  To behave nonviolently.  To display sensitivity and good will in resolving disagreements.
Within these walls, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct and social interaction.  We strive to make of this place a haven free of the ills and abuses we find outside it.
Written by Robert Woodworth for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, New York City.  www.gaycenter.org